Distributor of Barker shoes for men

Barker is a well known British manufacturer of men’s shoes and we are happy to offer our partners a distribution services of Barker shoes. As a distributor of the finest British men’s shoe bands, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to offer our partners this brand as well.

Barker Shoes was established in 1880 after Arthur Barker set up in Northamptonshire, the epicentre of shoe manufacturing in the United Kingdom. As with most companies, Arthur started with a small range of products. The shoe which was particularly popular was the waterproof peg sole boot. These were sought after because of the uniqueness of the waterproof mechanism. Simply, the peg on each boot would swell up as soon as they got wet. These swelled pegs would then protect the sole of the boot, making it completely waterproof.

This special product set the Barker brand up well into the next two centuries and Barker is now a highly reputable and successful company, still producing top quality men’s shoes and boots and employing hundreds of skilled craftsmen from around the UK. As demand grew in the 1800s, so did the business and Arthur began to recruit local craftsmen to help satisfy demand for his shoes.