Franchise for men’s shoe store or gentlemen’s boutique shop

Franchise is the best way to start an efficient and profitable business with a lowest risk rate. We are suggesting this option to the ones, who:
1. want to start a men’s shoe store or a gentlemen’s boutique;
2. want to invest money in the business which will generate money for long years;
3. who have an existing store for men or retail business, and want to make it more efficient, easy to run  and profitable.

Franchise answers these questions:

  1. How to open a men’s shoe store, gentlemen’s boutique, men’s shaving accessories shop?
    You will be provided with all support and instructions to start and operate business successfully. You will be advised in what location you need to open a retail spot so it would work, who is your potential clients and where to find them. You will be advised what products and what sizes you must carry in stock in order to do business. You and your staff will be trained all about products, customer relations, store operation and how to maintain successful business going.
    Men's shoe store Franchise, gentlemen's boutique

  3. How to get access to the best brands for a profitable prices?
    With franchise, you will get access to the brands, products and also special pricing which is only avalable for a big retail chains. Franchise unites a lot of businesses who buy from the same producers, so the economy of scale works here – many businesses together can buy much more than just you alone by yourself, so the prices from producers come much lower.

  5. How to reach to the clients, expand customer base and how to maintain great brand image?
    In you are alone by yourself, you have to worry about many things including PR, marketing and advertising. For a small companies it’s virtually impossible to have a dedicated staff for these applications. And to hire an advertising company just for yourself is way to expensive.Once you have a franchise – you get all the marketing materials, efficient PR strategy, working advertising channels. The franchise brand itself is much more respected and recognized, as it’s operating in many countries, not only in yours.

  7. How much investment is needed for a business and how much profit it can generate?
    When you start new business it’s hard to estimate amount of investment you will need for the product stock, equipment, staff and maintenance. When you don’t have enough financial information, you are at higher risk. Franchise helps you to estimate start and running cash flows, risks and profits.

  9. What products are trendy? Where to find products which will sell?
    Assortment is a very important part of retail business. It’s difficult to always monitor the market and trends by yourself, but when you have Franchise – you will get products which will sell and  all the information about coming trends.

  11. What franchise brands are avalable through Brelmson?
    We don’t use Brelmson for a franchise name because it’s only for our B2B operations. In our portfolio we have several franchise options.