Saphir shoe care products distributor

Saphir is known as a one of the best shoe care products producers. It’s a MUST brand for any specialized shoe shop. That’s why we as a distributor, feel abligated to offer Saphir products to our partners and clients. We have a big stock of Saphir shoe care products and our clients can order it any time through our distribution service.

aphir which was awarded the Medaille D’or (gold medal) in Paris in 1925 for the quality of its leather care products, offers a complete and unmatched range. This is the result of a constant and tight collaboration with the greatest brands in leather goods and footwear. Our materials are chosen for their efficiency, we use natural products: essence of Turpentine, Bees wax, Carnauba wax, Lanolin, Mink oil, Neatsfoot, vegetal materials….it is thus that the greatest boot and leather manufacturers use Saphir Medaillle D’or on their leathers. It is possible to maintain the original patina of your leathers, while keeping the vagaries of time and taking advantage of the many years of expert craftsmanship.